Electronic Modules

Main Control Boards

Makeblock Orion

mCore – Main Control Board for mBot


Me Auriga

MegaPi Pro


Motor Drivers

Me 2H Microstep Driver

Me 130 DC Motor

Me Dual DC Motor Driver

Me Encoder Motor Driver

Me Stepper Motor Driver

MegaPi Encoder/DC Driver V1

MegaPi Pro Encoder/DC Motor Driver

Me High-Power Encoder/DC Motor Driver

MegaPi Stepper Motor Driver


Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor

Me Flame Sensor

Me Gas Sensor

Me Light Sensor

Me Line Follower

Me Micro Switch A

Me PIR Motion Sensor

Me Sound Sensor

Me Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Me Temperature Sensor-Waterproof (DS18B20)

Me Touch Sensor

Me Ultrasonic Sensor

Me Compass

Me Color Sensor

Me RGB Line Follower

Me audio player


2.4G Wireless Serial for mBot

Bluetooth Module(Dual Mode)

Me Bluetooth Module (Dual Mode)

Me Infrared Receiver Decode

Me USB Host

Me WiFi Module

Bluetooth Module(Single Mode)


Me 7-Segment Serial Display – Red

LED RGB Strip-Addressable, Sealed

Me LED Matrix 8×16


Me TFT LCD Screen – 2.4 Inch


Me 4 Button

Me Joystick

Me Potentiometer


DC Frame Type Solenoid HCNE1-0530

Me Shutter


Me RJ25 Adapter

Me Shield for Raspberry Pi

Me UNO Shield

MegaPi Pro Shield for RJ25

MegaPi Shield for RJ25


9g Micro Servo Pack

36 DC Geared Motor 12V240RPM

42BYG Geared Stepper Motor

42BYG Stepper Motor

57BYG Stepper Motor

555 High-speed CNC Motor 24V-10000RPM

820 Coreless Motor

Air Pump Motor – DC 12V-370-02PM

Air Pump Motor DC 12V-3202PM

DC Encoder Motor – 25 6V-185RPM

DC Motor-25 6V

DC Motor-37 12V

MEDS15 Servo Motor

MG995 Standard Servo

Micro Peristaltic Pump DC12.0V

Mini Metal Gear Motor – N20 DC 12V

Solenoid Valve DC 12V-0520E

TT Geared Motor DC 6V-200RPM

Water Pump Motor – DC 12V-370-04PM

36 Brushless Encoder Motor

180 Optical Encoder Motor

180 Smart Encoder Motor

Smart Servo MS-12A


AC to DC 12V 3A Wall Adapter Power Supply For Arduino-Meduino

Battery Holder for (6)AA


6P6C RJ25 cable

RJ25 to Dupont Wire

Shutter Cable

USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B-Male Cable

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