Me Joystick



Including a cross joystick, Me Joystick Module is used to control the moving direction of cart and the interactive video game. Its black ID means that it has an analog port and should be connected to the port with black ID on Makeblock Orion.

Technical specifications

  • Operating voltage: 5V DC
  • Signal node: 2-shaft analog output
  • Cross joystick: comprising two potentiometers and a gimbal
  • Module size: 51 x 24 x 32 mm (L x W x H)

Functional characteristics

  • White area of module is the reference area to contact metal beams
  • The gimbal separates displacement of joystick into horizontal (X) and vertical(Y) components
  • Collect analog signal of potentiometer voltage to identify the position of joystick
  • Anti-reverse protection – connecting the power supply inversely will not damage IC
  • Support mBlock GUI programming, and applicable to users of all ages
  • Adopt RJ25 port for easy connection
  • Provide pin type ports to support most Arduino Baseboards

Pin definition

The port of Me Joystick Module has four pins, and their functions are as follows:


Wiring mode

Connecting with RJ25

Since the port of Me Joystick Module has black ID, you need to connect the port with black ID on Makeblock Orion when using RJ25 port.

Taking Makeblock Orion as example, you can connect to ports No. 6, 7, and 8 as follows:


Connecting with Dupont wire

When the Dupont wire is used to connect the module to the Arduino UNO Baseboard, its X and Y pins should be connected to analog pin as follows:


Guide to programming

Arduino programming

If you use Arduino to write a program, the library Makeblock-Library-master should be invoked to control the Me Joystick Module.

This program serves to read the X- and Y-axis position and output to the serial port monitor in the cycle of 10 ms through Arduino programming.


Function List of Me Joystick Module

Function name Function
MeJoystick(uint8_t port) select a port
int readX() Read the X-axis analog output(-490~490)
int readY() Read the Y-axis analog output(-490~490)

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