Mechanical Parts

Beams & Sliders

Beam 0824

Beam 0808

Beam 2424

Beam 0412

Square Beam




Mecanum Wheel

125*24mm Pu Wheel

Caster Wheel


Nylon Pulley


Tyre 68.5*22mm

Track with Track Axle


Timing Pulleys

Belt Connector

Plastic Timing Pulley 62T Without Steps

Plastic Timing Pulley 62T

Plastic Timing Pulley 90T Without Steps

Plastic Timing Pulley 90T

Timing Pulley 18T

Timing Pulley 32T

Timing Pulley 62T

Timing Pulley 90T

Timing Pulley Slice 62T B

Timing Pulley Slice 90T B

Timing Belt Open End

Timing Belt


8mm Bearing Bracket A

36mm Motor Bracket

42BYG Stepper Motor Bracket B-Blue

57BYG Stepper Motor Bracket Pack-Black

Base Bracket B

Bracket 3*3

Bracket L1

Bracket P1

Bracket P3

Bracket U1

DC Motor-25 Bracket

DC Motor-37 Bracket

MECDS-150 Servo Bracket

U Bracket B

U Bracket C

Versatile Motor Bracket


Linear Motion Shaft D4

D Shaft 4x56mm

D Shaft 4x128mm

D Shaft 4x160mm

D Shaft 8x96mm

Flexible coupling 4*4mm

Shaft Collar 4mm

Shaft Collar 8mm

Shaft Connector 4mm

T6 L256mm Lead Screw and Brass Flange Nut Set

Threaded Shaft 4*22mm

Threaded Shaft 4*39mm

Universal Joint 4*4mm


Flange Bearing 8x16x5mm

Flange Bearing 4x8x3mm

Female Rod End Bearing

Male Rod End Bearing

Plain Ball Bearing 8*16*5mm

Plain Ball Bearing 4*8*3mm

Plane Bearing Turntable D34*24mm

Linear Motion Block Bracket

Roller Motion Block Bracket


Disc D72

Linear Motion Block Bracket A

Plate 3*6

Plate 7*9-B

Plate 45°

Plate 135°

Plate I1

Plate O1

Shaft Clamping Hub 8mm

Triangle Plate 6*8

Cross Plate

T Plate

Plate 0324-184


04C 10T Sprocket

04C 20T Sprocket

04C 30T Sprocket

04C Roller Chain-1.5m

Pneumatic & Hydraulics

Double Acting Mini Cylinder Pack MI10X60CA

Single Acting Mini Cylinder Pack MSI8X20UFA

Solenoid Valve (3/2way)

Solenoid Valve DC 12V/0520E

Vacuum Suction Cup – SP-30

Vacuum Suction Cup Connector Holder

φ4 Cross Four-Way Connector

φ4 Elbow Connector

φ4 Straight Throttle Valve

φ6 – φ4 Reducing Straight Connector

φ8 – φ6 Reducing Straight Connector

Fasteners & Gaskets

Brass Stud M4x8+6

Brass Stud M4x12+6

Brass Stud M4x16

Brass Stud M4x20

Brass Stud M4x32

Nut 4mm

Nylon Lock Nut 4mm

Rivet R4060

Rivet R4100

Rivet R4120

Socket Cap Screw

Plastic Spacer

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