The Power Module powers other mbuild modules.

Light Effect and Meaning

on off
Green Power On Power Off
Red Low Battery or Charging High Battery or Charging Finished


  • Size:48×48mm
  • Battery Capacity:950mAh
  • Battery Voltage:3.7V
  • Discharging Rate:3CC
  • Endurance:3 hours
  • Charging time:1.25 hours
  • Output Voltage:DC 5V
  • Discharging Current:5V 1.5A,Peak Value 5V 2A
  • Protection current:5V 3A
  • Input Voltage:DC 5V
  • Input Current:<2A
  • Operation Temp:0℃~45℃
  • Service life:Cycles≥300


  • Please read the instructions carefully before using the battery;
  • During use, keep away from heat sources, high voltage places, and don't hit the battery;
  • Dispose of the battery module properly and safely. Don't put it in fire or water;
  • During use or storage, if the battery is found to have high temperature, liquid leakage, odor, deformation, and other abnormalities, stop using it immediately;

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