Makeblock Halocode is a powerful single board computer, with built-in Wi-Fi and versatile electronic modules. Specially designed for programming education, Halocode is extremely beginners-friendly. Creation can be done through simple coding. Use mBlock 5 with Halocode. You can start with graphical programming, simple as building blocks, and further delve into textual programming, the cutting-edge Python. Wireless connectivity enables Halocode to connect to the internet, to realize IoT functions. You can make your own smart-home devices.

Use mBlock 5

Use mBlock 5 to play with Halocode. You can make all kinds of creations, such as a wearable somatosensory pedometer, a touch sensitive light box, and more.

Note: mBlock 5 Web requires an extra software mLink to connect to your devices. Please refer to mLink Guide

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