Face Changing Show

This project will use the Sensing block gyro sensor (1) shaken?

We'll also use the Control block if () then () to change the image displayed on the LED Panel. When the condition is True, the block/blocks inside will run; otherwise, the block/blocks will be skipped.

We need these two Neuron blocks: [Gyro], and [LED Panel].

1. Drag an Events block when green flag clicked to the Scripts Area. Add a Control block if () then (), a Sensing block gyro sensor (1) shaken?, and a Looks block LED panel (1) shows image () for (1) secs. Change the image as follows:

2. Duplicate the script and change the image accordingly.

3. Add a Control block forever

4. Click the green flag to run the program. Shake the Gyro block and check the LED Panel.

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