Use Neuron with Codey

You can connect Neuron blocks to Codey and enjoy more fun.

Here is a simple project: light up the LED of Neuron LED Panel with Codey's Buttons.

1. Connect the [LED Panel] to Codey

2. Connect Codey to mBlock 5. Under "Devices", choose "Codey", and click "Connect"

3. Click "+ extension" at the bottom of the Blocks Area, and add "Neuron" blocks

4. Drag an Events block when button (A) is pressed to the Scripts Area, and then add a Neuron block LED panel lights up at x:(0) y:(0) with color (red)

5. Duplicate the script. Choose Button B and color "green"

6. Upload the program

7. Press the buttons of Codey and see what happens!

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